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Our flexible silicone push molds can be used for many different crafts and modelling clays such as Polymer Clay, Air Drying Clay, Makin's Clay, Metal Clay, Paper Clay, Casting Plaster, Resin and Apoxie Sculpt

There are so many interesting creations that can be made from our flexible craft or push molds


Baby dolls, pendants, fantasy dragon wands with crystals incorporated, and cabochons can be made with Polymer and Air Drying Clays.

Wall hangings, plaques, and statues can be created with Paverpol and Powertex


See our free tutorials for some of these creations

Are you ready to start creating?

Check out our online store for silicone craft molds of goddess earth mother, doll faces, jewelry, cabochons, baby faces, African, ethnic, pendant, wall hangings, wall art, tribal and aged faces.

Each style of silicone mold has been made from an original sculpted design.

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