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Molds by Merilyn are silicone craft molds for use with polymer clay, air-drying clay, resin, ceramic clay, casting plaster, and Apoxie.  Each flexible silicone art mold is made from an original sculpted design and can be used for a variety of mixed media and DIY craft ideas.

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silicone mold examples
Clay and Molds

All our flexible silicone craft molds can be used with many modeling clays for mixed media art and craft ideas.

Our craft or push molds can be used with Polymer Clay such as Sculpey, Cernit, Fimo to name a few, as well as Air Drying Clay, Paper Clay, Metal Clay, Aves Apoxie Sculpt, Resin, and Casting Plaster

Molds and Uses

You will find on this site flexible silicone craft molds of goddesses, doll faces, dragons, baby faces, tribal, aged faces, African, and ethnic. With these molds, you will be able to make amazing pieces of polymer jewelry, pendants, as well as wall hangings, wall art, dragon art and wands, and tribal decorations.

Polymer Clay examples
Original sculpture, Molds by Merilyn
Original Designs

Many hours go into the sculpting of the original design or master for each mold before they meet the standards we set and to be ready for the molding process.

Our Best Sellers
DrgB - Fantasy dragon body mold
G-Df1 - Divine Feminine Goddess Mold
G1b - Two Goddesses - extra small