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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a question that hasn't been addressed below, please contact us.

  1. Can I sell the creations I make from these molds?
    Yes, definitely!  You are free to sell the artwork and casts that are made from these molds but as my business is trademarked you are not permitted to remake or make copies of my molds and sell them on.  Each flexible silicone push mold is made from an original sculpted design.


  2. How is postage calculated?
    Australia Post calculates the price of postage by weight and not for an individual mold.  There is a set price for the first 500 grams and will raise in price for every 500 grams after that.  My shop calculates that for you.  If you would like a quote for an Australian or Overseas order please contact me.


  3. Are these silicone molds food safe?
    No.  At the moment we making molds for use with Polymer Clay, Resin, Airdrying Clay, and many other mediums. 


  4. Can I use these molds with Resin?  
    Our silicone is suitable for use with Resin but will not leave a shiny finish on the outside so every cast will have to be glazed.  We are working to improve this at the moment.


  5. Measurements
    All measurements of the object or face area and not of the full size of the silicone mold.


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