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About Me

My Journey

I guess you have realized I love to sculpt but this hasn't always been the case.

There have been many years of learning different arts and crafts, some of which have been pottery, watercolour painting, jewellery making, original art dolls, Paverpol and many polymer clay creations.  Here you can see some of the art work and creations I have made over the years, some of which I have won awards for.  Of course in between all of this I had my children who have now grown and are following their own dreams.

Strangely enough, experimenting with Paverpol and teaching workshops was the light bulb moment that gave me the idea of sculpting faces and objects which I could make molds from, for other people to use.  People wanted faces for their statues and wall hangings so I thought I would give it a go.

I started out testing by testing the market with four molds which were made from the faces that I had sculpted.  My equipment was very basic and I had to make-do with a magnifying stand that I rigged up  myself.  

magnifying glass

Check out my studio below along with photos of my past creations.

A selection of my past watercolour paintings, polymer clay sculptures, jewellery and Paverpol creations.

My Studio/Workshop

Coming soon

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