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Silicone Craft Mold Tutorials

View our tutorials to learn how to make unique art, jewelry, wall hangings and more...

The flexible silicone craft molds used in these tutorials are available for purchase on our online mold shop

Nature Spirit

Goddess Pendant

Nature Spirit Goddess Pendant

How to paint a dragon's head and 

other helpful tips

How to paint a dragons head

Wild Woman Pendant

Goddess Pendant Tutorial for Polymer Clay

Earth Mother Goddess Tutorial

Goddess Earth Mother Silicone Mold Penda
Recycled Paper

Dragon Head Casting Tutorial

Casting a dragon head silicone molds in PolymerClay

How to cast a Polymer Clay face

Casting a polymer Clay face in a silicone mold.

Nature Spirit Baby

Polymer Clay Tutorial for casting this cute little baby
Recycled Paper
Recycled Paper

Are you ready to start creating?

Our silicone craft molds are perfect for making DIY projects and crafty gifts. They are made with high quality silicone which is durable and flexible, allowing for easy de-molding. With our wide variety of molds, you can create unique crafts with ease. Choose from goddess earth mother, doll faces, jewellery, cabochons, baby faces, African, ethnic, pendant, wall hangings, wall art, tribal and aged faces. Shop online now and create unique pieces with our silicone craft molds.

Each style of silicone mold has been made from an original sculpted design.

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