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Silicone Craft Mold Examples

Many amazing and fun creations can be made from our flexible silicone craft mold range
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Our Gallery showcases the many amazing creations that can be made with our molds. From realistic baby dolls to intricate fantasy dragon wands with crystals and Goddesses, our molds can be used with a variety of clays, to create stunning works of art. The possibilities are endless! Take a look at our gallery to see what you can make with our molds. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed

Nature Spirit Goddess Pendant Tutorial

Are you ready to start creating?

Our online store offers a vast selection of silicone molds for all your crafting needs. In addition to goddess earth mother molds and silicone molds of baby faces, African, ethnic, tribal, aged faces, along with dragons and skulls, there is something to fit every project.

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